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Debriefing of the Awesomeness

October 30th, 2012 · 1 Comment · All Posts, Update

Hey, Guys!!

What’s up? Here’s what’s up: the ABS is pretty awesome, and I am training ridiculously hard.








Inner-Peaks Comp (Charlotte, NC):
This was my first real time competing in a competition. I’d done Hound Ears and a CCS, but I never really tried very hard to win. I didn’t really go for gold in this comp either, mostly ’cause I had/have a sprained ankle (More on that later). However, I was able to climb fairly well considering, and placed 4th in the Junior category, and 11th overall. I really had a blast at this comp and got super psyched on competing.
Here are links for a video and a photo-album in Facebook of the comp:

Climbmax Comp (Asheville, NC):
This is the most fun I have ever really had in the gym. I climbed almost as well as I could have if I was 100%, flashing most of my hardest problems. (Flash up to moderate v6) I ended up doing well enough in the redpoint portion to compete in the on-sight finals round with the advanced adults. (I qualified in 2nd place in the overall men’s)
After a short break, we went into isolation and waited for our turn to go out and climb on the final problems in front of a pretty large crowd. I ended up coming in 1st of the climbers under 18 (Male or Female), 2nd out of all the male climbers, and 3rd out of all the climbers (Male or Female) that competed. For my 2nd place finish overall, I was given a Mountain Hardwear backpack (Review of that coming soon)
I was very fortunate to be able to climb with some really awesome people at the past two competitions. Melise, Travis, Alex (Brown and Moss) and Leanna all helped me to do much better than I would have done otherwise. In fact at finals, Melise, Travis, and myself all climbed at the same time and placed top three overall.

I am competing in 2 more local comps (November 10 and 17), Regionals (Lynchburg, VA), hopefully Divisionals (Indianapolis), and possibly Nationals (Colorado).
Also, there was a comp at my home gym on Sunday, but I didn’t compete. I did, however, go today and have a ‘mock comp’ against myself. I didn’t climb great (It’s not like I climbed hard all weekend, HA!) But, I did manage a flash of a moderate v7, among other things.
My ankle is feeling much better since I sprained it right before the Inner-Peaks comp. I was climbing all day and busted it in the shower. It hasn’t hurt in several days – even with the comp in Asheville. In only feels weak now when I put stress on it at weird angles and with weird twists. I think it will be close to 100% by my next competition.






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    Tape is your friend, man–a little more support when bouldering never hurt anyone…